No Limit Training Facility is for those that have reached a plateau elsewhere and are looking for a place they can grow exponentially and do things that they are limited to do everywhere else.

We have dozens of professional trainers to help those with great transformation goals. So that all their dreams can be accomplished.


Inside, the Gym, is equipped with 100% custom, all new equipment ranging from plated and sectionalized iron weights, free weights, benches, and cardio machines.


The Inside of Our Gym

The inside of the gym has all the equipment you could possibly think of, with a combination of free wights and machine weights.


Workout Your Pecks

Complete a full upper body workout or focuse on one muscle, whatever you feel will benefit you most, give it your all!


Squat Racks

Get some squats going with these two squat racks, either assisted or test your limits with just the bare bone barbell and weights.


Massive Weight

We have weights that no one can match. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional power lifter, we have the dumbells for you!


Iron Strength Machines

Hammer Strength benches, racks, plate-loaded, and selectorized machines were custom built for No Limit Training Facility's gym.

Massive Free Weights

All equipment is geared to peel away all limits. Even to custom making 200 lb dumbbells.

Cardio Machines

Treadmills, stationary bikes, and step machines are ready to get your heart beating.

Inspire & Motivate

Every square inch is covered from floor to ceiling with Art done by professional LA artist. Inspiring and motivational images and messages to push every athlete to No Limit. Filled with heroes of old and new. Every selfie becomes an art piece. If your body is a temple, No Limit Training Facility is the urban Sistine Chapel.


The Ultimate out door experience. Blending cal-esthetic and gymnastic challenges,  martial arts, and circuit training into three decisive sections.


If you were to mix a jungle gym and “Ninja Warrior” — its The Cage. With an array of ropes, bars, and the dreadful peg wall. The Cage is the ultimate grip challenge.


The Peg Wall

Test your upper body strength. Climb the fiery peg wall to conquer the ghostly defender. Fail and fall down the abyss — landing mat optional.



Gymnastic style rings to get those wings growing .


Ropes and Bars

Unleash your inner Indiana Jones. Monkey bars, 25 ft rope climbs, grip bars, and salmon ladders will test your fear of grip.


Monster Tires

Your weight isn't enough of a challenge? Roll around these mega tires!

The Ring


No Limit Squat Rack

Unleash your inner monster.

Smash those squats.


Punching Bags

A trio of punching bags in varying sizes for some punch / kick combinations.

Super Hero Alley

An out door experience setup for extreme circuit training with an array of weight, kettle bells, weight balls, pull-up bars, punching bags, jump boxes and everything needed for Hero Training. Surrounded by the legends of today. Heroes are made here!


Step & Boxes

Spring into shape with a corner stone in circuit style work outs. Jerk boxes and step-ups galore.


Medicine Balls

Perscription not necessary


Core Packs

Kettle bells and core packs to supplement a 'Cross-Fit' style workout



More bars than a Hip-Hop track.

Check out the inside

Walk Around our Gym

Experience the 360 degree version of our gym, walk through the front desk area to check in, then head inside to our weight lifting room and onto the The Yard where you can test your strength on the challenging courses set for you! 


No Limit Training Facility

5440 Vineland Ave.
North Hollywood, CA. 91601

Mon - Sun, 6am - 12am


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To ensure the most premium experience we will be limiting membership to only a few hundred members. For more information please call 818.712.0000